Brendan Blowers

Hi! My name is Brendan Blowers.


Visual communication through still imagery is one of my favorite ways to capture and tell stories about the world around us. Photography is a powerful way to craft meaningful memories or communicate ideas that will stick with us.


What better way to record the sounds and images of our lives than video? Is there any more powerful technology for immortalizing memories or communicating impacting ideas? Video is a craft; it is an art. And my videos communicate well.

Web design

Publish and broadcast your identity or your idea to the world, using visually appealing layouts of text and images that actually change and adapt to every individual user's taste and interest. At the same time gather feedback and interaction from people who love the same things you do.


I write and journal for myself, because it enriches my life and my thinking. But I publish for others - to inspire, to inform, and constructively critique. Here you can see some of my writings others have published.


I hold degrees or certification in media communication, computer technologies, and anthropological education. I value the importance of training and constructive critique.

Professional Experience

I have experience working in professional environments, as a leader, follower, and team member. I understand how important cooperative team environments are, and I'm a good member to have on board.